Adventure diver

Adventure diver

The adventure Diver is the PADI equivalent of the PE40 level in France. This training will allow you, in only 3 dives, to reach a deeper depth than the Open Water. You will then be able to access the wreck of the B17.

The training is carried out in 3 dives called “speciality”. Indeed, each dive corresponds to a specialty:

  • 1st dive = buoyancy
  • 2nd dive = deep (area 18-30 meters)
  • 3rd dive = orientation (compass + natural elements)

This level of diving is the first part of the Advanced which includes 5 dives including 3 mandatory theme dives (mentioned above). In order to obtain the Advanced, you will only need to make 2 additional theme dives of your choice.

At the beginning of the training, a book will be provided, with the mandatory reading of the 3 chapters corresponding to the 3 dives.

During the training, we will discuss these chapters together in the form of a theoretical course.

There will be no exam, just answer the questionnaire in the book.

Informations / Price

  • Price: 210€
  • + Certification + book: 80€
  • Medical certificate: YES
  • Age: from 15 years old
  • Number of dives: 3
  • Theoretical course: 1
  • Required level: Open water / level 1
  • Duration of the training: 2 days minimum / 2 dives per day maximum
  • Maximum depth: 30 metres
  • Dive time: +- 45 minutes
  • Supervision: 1 instructor for a maximum of 4 students
  • Equivalence: PE40 (guided diving to 40 meters)