Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver

This level is available from the age of 15. This is a level that gives you access to autonomy, however, in France autonomy is only accepted from the age of 18.

While Open Water has learned a diver to take care of himself underwater, while Advanced has allowed him to better understand his environment, the Rescue Diver will allow him to help other divers.

This level of diving is the most fun PADI level. Indeed, it is a very entertaining course where scenarios and staging follow one another. This is the last step before the 1st level of guiding, the Dive Master.

This level allows you to rescue another diver or to put yourself in safety as well as to anticipate any risk that may occur during diving.

The training will focus on:

  • awareness on the pre-dive part (breathing, relaxation,…)
  • autonomy
  • assisted lifts in the 30-metre zone
  • first aid

Be careful, you must have followed a first aid and CPR course, the EFR* before entering Rescue diver training. We propose a 1-day training course, focused on first aid diving.

*EFR: Emergency First Response
This is a certificate that proves that you are a first aid diver who knows how to operate during a diving problem.

Informations / Price

  • Price: 420€
  • + Certification + book: 80€
  • Medical certificate: YES
  • Age: from 15 years old
  • Number of dives: 7 dives
  • Theoretical courses: 3
  • Required level: Advanced / Level 2 (CMAS 2 **)
  • Duration of the training: 4 days minimum / 2 dives per day maximum
  • Maximum depth: 30 metres
  • Dive time: +- 45 minutes
  • Supervision: 1 instructor for 2 divers maximum