Sunday 22 April 2018
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Sincerely Yours

Make yourself at home: an invited guest should be treated like a friend.

A friend in our home, one who's just passing by, one who stays, either for a weekend or for a few days, a short time or for vacation, a guest should feel invited.

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About Us

Christophe, 35 years old, BEES1, MF1, MF2, OWSI, experienced nitrox instructor and TIV.

Sarah, 30 years old, BEES1, MF1, OWSI, experienced nitrox instructor...

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Our Commitments

To provide quality facilities in an exceptional location, and comfort and safety are essential.

To share diving as a common source of well being, an extraordinary moment, something we have in common and, of course, our hospitality...

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Corsica is one of the world's most beautiful islands and its undersea environment is perhaps the most magnificent of the Mediterranean.

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Your Playground

All diving sites are less than 10 minutes away by boat going around the bay of Calvi towards the outer limit of the Revellata Natural Reserve.

CI4, B17, St. Francis, Bibliothèque, Sec des Belges, Revellata, Punta Rossa, Punta Bianca, Sec du Lion, Sec du Clocher Spano…

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Scuba Diving in Calvi


There's diving in Corsica and then there's diving in Calvi...


Come and share our passion for scuba diving in our exceptional location situated on the beach in the shade of the pine trees.
Departure from the beach by boat to dive sites within 10 minutes (Revellata Reserve, B17 bomber, the "Bibliothèque" and our personal locations ...).
We offer comfort, hospitality, professionalism and respect for nature all for your satisfaction.

An adjacent parking area, hot showers, individual storage space, new equipment, multimedia ... and well-being!

From your first dive to a nitrox dive or instructor's training, our FFESM/SMAS/PADI and ANMP training center is dedicated to you.

Take a brief moment and immerse yourself in our universe under the sea.

Sarah et Christophe


Stage niveau 4

Du 20 au 30 mai 2016.
Infos et réservation nous contacter.

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