Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd

Our mission is to defend and protect marine life and habitat. Sea Shepherd’s mission is to fight against the destruction of marine life and habitat as a whole. Since 1977, we have been using innovative direct action strategies to defend, conserve and protect the fragile biodiversity of our seas and oceans, and to enforce international conservation laws that are too often flouted. ”

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“They’ll tell you how you let this happen. No matter how much you defend yourself, how much you explain to them, it’s not my fault, it’s the fault of the elders”

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Animal protection has always been at the heart of my concerns. Even as a youngster, I promised myself that when I grew up I would get involved in some way with this cause.

What if we were to realize that we all have a role to play on this planet? By changing our diet (eating locally/seasonally and reducing meat and fish consumption), reducing waste and water/energy consumption, sorting our waste, avoiding plastic packaging, etc.

Following the launch of Sea Shepherd Dive France in 2017, we decided to become a supporter center and contribute each year to “defend those who are defenceless”.

We guarantee :

  • a wooden, plastic-free centre
  • composting of waste
  • a dry toilet
  • the use of a rinsing tank
  • the use of water bottles on the boat
  • the use of fixed moorings on each of our dive sites
  • awareness of the marine environment with our divers
  • participation in the “Dive Impact” project by Stareso (station de recherche océanographique et sous-marine) to evaluate the impact of divers on the sea life.
  • the interventions (awareness with our divers) of I Sbuleca mare (association on the preservation of the biodiversity) within our club
  • a fish debriefing after each try dive to raise awareness new divers
  • a vegetarian diet
  • sale of eco-friendly t-shirts

Don’t hesitate to participate by making a donation directly on the Sea Shepherd website. They need us and we need them.
Visit the Sea Shepherd website