Discover scuba diving / First dive

Discover scuba diving / First dive

The first dive is the very first experience in the world of silence, to explore the richness of Calvi’s clear sea.

Small or tall, good or bad swimmer, everyone is welcome here!

Allow 2h30 of care. A short tour to introduce you to Sarah at the reception desk who will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Then, your instructor, will give you a briefing in order to transmit you the prerogatives of the first dive, familiarize you with your equipment and explain the different signs of communication and the decompression of the ears underwater.

You will then board, directly from the beach, on one of our 2 boats towards the diving site. The boat trip will take between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the site determined that day.

Once the boat is fixed, your instructor will introduce you to the magnificent underwater world of Calvi in a serious but relaxed atmosphere.

After your first dive, you will have the opportunity to do snorkeling to keep the pleasure alive.

On your return from the dive, a hot shower is at your disposal and you can enjoy cold and hot drinks as well as cakes during the fish debriefing performed by your instructor.

And finally, we will give you a diploma as a souvenir.

Informations / Price

  • Price: 70€
  • Medical certificate: NO
  • Age: from 8 years old
  • Number of dives: 1
  • Requirement: none
  • Total duration of the activity: 2h30
  • Depth: 2 to 6 meters
  • Dive time: Discover scuba diving = 15 to 20 minutes + Snorkeling = 40 minutes
  • Supervision: one-to-one with the instructor

The discovery pack

The Discovery Pack will allow you to discover more about the world of diving. Indeed, this course includes 3 dives including a first dive, a technical dive and recreational dive.

The first 2 dives are made in private with your instructor and you will have the possibility to dive in pairs with a friend or family member (who also makes a discovery pack) during the recreational dive to a depth of 12 meters.

Unlike PE12(guided diving to 12 meters) training or scuba diver, there is no certification at the end of this course, just fun combined with a few basic exercises.

Were you comfortable with this internship? So why don’t you try your level 1 or open water?!

Informations / Price

  • Price: 190€
  • Medical certificate: NO
  • Age: from 8 years old
  • Number of dives: 3 (first dive/initiation/recreational dive)
  • Requirement: none
  • Duration of training: 2 days minimum / 2 dives maximum per day
  • Depth: 6 to 12 meters
  • Dive time: 15 to 20 minutes
  • Supervision: One-on-one with the instructor