Recreational dive

Recreational dive

There is diving in Corsica and diving in Calvi….

Indeed, Calvi is renowned for his diving sites offering diversity and exceptional richness.

The location of our club allows access in 15 minutes maximum by boat to all our 8 sites, the time to enjoy the view of the Citadel or even the Monte Cinto.

The duration of the dives depends on the consumption and lasts on average 45 minutes. As far as possible, we bring together the divers by diving level unless otherwise requested.

We are open from April to October and we do 2 dives per day and up to 3 or 4 during the summer season. Indeed, we add outings/day to meet all expectations, guarantee outings adapted to all levels, have more space on the boat for a better comfort as well as a better safety of divers.

To carry out exploration dives within our structure, you will have to present us with your level certificate and if necessary according to your requests, we can possibly ask you to present us with your logbook. In addition, depending on the situation, we may ask you for a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of scuba diving.

However, you should be aware that the medical certificate, as part of the exploration, is not currently mandatory.

We offer a package of 5 dives (price indicated) and 1 free. Depending on your level and experience and if your last dive was more than a year ago, we will offer you a rehabilitation dive.

Informations / Price

  • Autonomy: 35€
  • Equipped guided: 40€
  • Not equipped guided: 50€
  • Rehabilitation/technical dive: +10€
  • Nitrox Dive: + 5€
  • Medical certificate: NO
  • Dive time: +- 45 minutes
  • If supervision: 1 instructor for a maximum of 4 divers