The B-17

“That’s how I put the B-17 on the waves, very close to and facing the citadel of Calvi. The plane didn’t break during the operation and floated for a few minutes, which allowed us to evacuate, except for the three machine-gunners killed during the attack, whose bodies sank with the wreckage”. Second Lieutenant Chaplick.

Today, the wreck of the American bomber B-17 flying fortress is one of the most beautiful wrecks to visit in the world. It lies upright on the sand between 25 and 28 metres deep at the foot of the Calvi citadel. Wonderful!


As if it were on water, the Revellata is an exceptional land and sea place due to his isolation, preservation and beauty.

Beyond his extravagant underwater architecture (canyons, corridors, vertiginous drop-offs) one has the impression of being immersed in an aquarium, at the heart of a profusion of species such as grouper, denti, brown meagre, moray eel, barracuda, sea bream, gorgonian, coral, …

It is THE place to be in Corsica.


Discover the Diving Calvi team to the Left to the right :

  • Francois, CMAS ***, OWI SSI, OWSI PADI
  • Teddy, CMAS ***, OWI SSI, OWSI PADI
  • Antoine, CMAS **, OWI SSI, OWSI PADI
  • Alex, CMAS ***, OWI SSI, OWSI PADI

Sea Shepherd

Our mission is to defend and protect marine life and habitat.

Sea Shepherd’s mission is to fight against the destruction of marine life and habitat as a whole.

Since 1977, we have been using innovative direct action strategies to defend, conserve and protect the fragile biodiversity of our seas and oceans, and to enforce international conservation laws that are too often flouted. ”

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Relaxed trip into the world of barracuda and muraena. “Diving at ‘la revellata’ and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere before during and after the dive made it a very satisfying day. Very professional and skilled diving instructors.” More reviews on tripadvisor